Why We are Quitting Church
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Heaven is for Real  Baptists say No to “Heaven is for Real”…The nation’s been inspired by a 5 year old boy’s description of heaven after his Near Death Experience and also by Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey Into the Afterlife.  Liberty University  has hosted their own “Heaven Is for Real” events, but abruptly, the Southern Baptist Convention ordered all Baptists to cease and desist their involvement with the phenomenon. They have their reasons.  According to the Religious News Service, “NDE’s are phenomena that fascinate Americans of all religious stripes and often use vague language of spirituality rather than distinctive Christian doctrines.”  And according to the SBC, they are “antithetical (opposed) to Scripture.”    They’re justified because it’s a clear and present danger to them when Baptists believe the Burpo boy and the neurosurgeon because this is not Roman Christianity... it’s Christian Spirituality… It also explains why the Burpos had to leave their church.  Parade Magazine says 24% have left church for spirituality.  Many church organizations charge that spirituality is related to wiccan and demonic communication with the dead…perhaps in the dark ages, but not today.  Since Dr. Raymond Moody discovered the contemporary revelation of “Life After Life” in 1975, there’ve been a tsunami of cases confirming the blissful NDE.  It’s globally significant and has eclipsed the judgment scenario.  So here’s the rub…church theology depends on the fear of judgment.  NDE’s dispel that fear.  Spiritualists believe that the more they learn about it, the more it improves their outlook on life and the world to come.
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